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The techniques and benefits of sustainable construction are many and are always talked about in light of the quest to improve the quality of life and mainly preserve the environment, as the technologies that are used in sustainable construction depend on clean and environmentally friendly materials, which reduces the environmental impact of construction projects and improves people’s lives. Those who live in these projects and live in them, and with the many benefits that are gained from this type of construction, in our article we will talk about the techniques and benefits of sustainable construction.


What is sustainable building?

Sustainable building is defined as a term referring to green building , in which environmentally responsible and sufficient practices are followed with regard to resource consumption during the life of the building that begins with design, and continues after the completion of construction and operation and then later renovation or demolition, and this is by using Building materials, energy and water that generate less waste than traditional construction practices.

The techniques and benefits of sustainable construction also include the use of renewable energy sources and recycling of materials used in nature, in addition to raising the quality of air and water inside buildings, and continuous reuse and recycling of water . The construction process, such as recycled wood, and what is known as green cement, in addition to transparent glass, and other materials.

What are the most important standards and principles of sustainable buildings?

When talking about the technologies and benefits of sustainable building , a set of criteria and principles that can be mentioned emerge, through which the importance of sustainable buildings can be realized at the present time, as they mainly seek in their design and construction to preserve the environment, and use their resources well and effectively to improve the quality of life. In communities, the following are the most important standards and principles of sustainable buildings:

  • Energy conservation: Reliance is made on renewable energy in sustainable construction, which is represented by solar energy and wind energy, and this would raise the efficiency of energy use in the building.
  • Resource management: represented in building sustainable reliance on environmentally friendly materials and recycling materials in addition to raising the efficiency of water use.
  • Indoor air quality: It includes the use of a good and effective ventilation system, which means raising the air quality in the building.
  • Health and well-being: It is one of the most important techniques and benefits of sustainable building, as it includes planting plants and designing spaces in a healthy way, in addition to allocating green spaces outside the building.
  • Innovation: the use of new technologies in the design and construction of the building, for example: the temperature control system in buildings.

Challenges facing sustainable buildings

There are many challenges that stand in the way of implementing sustainable building technologies, as follows:

  • Cost: As sustainable building practices often require a higher cost than traditional practices, but in the long run they save money and reduce the amount of energy used, in addition to reducing the amount of water needed to operate and maintain the building.
  • Building codes: Engineering companies and designers still need modern building codes to enhance sustainability in buildings, as the codes used are often old and do not contribute effectively to the development of practices for this type of construction.
  • Lack of experience: It is one of the main obstacles, as many construction companies do not have complete knowledge about the sustainable practices that must be followed during the building and construction stages of buildings, and this makes it very difficult to find contractors who are ready for new construction methods.

Despite this, it is always important to move forward in creating sustainable buildings, which is why our company ACUD takes advantage of all available opportunities in order to increase its practices in sustainable construction, trying to overcome all the obstacles that we talked about.


At the end of our article, we have learned about the techniques and benefits of sustainable building, and we have reviewed the obstacles that stand in front of sustainable buildings and the most important criteria on which they are based. We at ACUD always adopt sustainable building standards and technologies as much as we can, in order to provide modern buildings that are not harmful to the environment.

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