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The Pritzker Prize is one of the internationally known awards, as it receives special attention from architects of different nationalities, especially with the ability of licensed engineers around the world to apply for it, and many engineers with experience and different architectural perspectives have been able to obtain this award since its establishment, That is why, in our article, we will talk about the Pritzker Prize, the conditions for obtaining it, and the winners.


What is the Pritzker Prize?

The Pritzker Prize is an international award specialized in architecture. It is awarded annually in order to honor a living architect whose work shows a combination of talent, commitment and unique vision, provided that these works have contributed in an important and consistent way to benefiting humanity. The environment surrounding man through the art of architecture.

The establishment of this award dates back to 1979 AD , when it was founded by Jay Pritzker and his wife Cindy , and this award is funded by the Pritzker family and also sponsored by the American multinational company Hyatt. Nobel Prize in Architecture.

Conditions for obtaining the Pritzker Prize

This award is based on honoring one of the accomplished architects every year, and sheds light directly on his projects and his achievements and innovations in the field of architecture. Therefore, perhaps the most important conditions for obtaining this award lie in the works of the architect applying for it to be of high quality and value . whether scientifically, socially or culturally.

It is also possible to apply for this award by people who have received it in the past, and by critics, academics and other people with extensive experience in architecture, at a time when architects who have a license can nominate themselves for it, so it can be said that creativity It is the prerequisite for obtaining the Pritzker Prize.


Who is Pritzker?

Pritzker, for whom the Pritzker Prize is named, is known as an American entrepreneur. Jay Arthur Pritzker was born in Chicago, USA, in 1922.He died in 1999 AD , and he is a graduate of Northwestern University, and he holds a PhD in law from the same university, and his personal biography is full of practical successes, including his establishment of the Hyatt Hotels chain in 1957 AD, and his ownership of the Braniff Airlines police from 1983 AD until The year 1988 AD.

Pritzker got He was awarded the Golden Plate Award in 1979 AD by the American Academy of Achievement, and he, along with his wife, won the award known as the Honor Award in 2004 AD, which is awarded by the National Building Museum in the United States of America.

Portrait of Philip at his desk in his New York office in the Seagram Building, 1982

The first winner of the Pritzker Prize

The American architect Philip Johnson is the first winner of the Pritzker Prize , and the award was awarded to him for his entire work that he presented during fifty years, as he presented creative works based on real imagination and dynamism that were embodied in his enormous works related to theatres, museums and libraries, in addition to homes, corporate buildings and gardens.

Among the most famous designs presented by Philip Johnson:
• His glass house, which he designed in a unique modern style.
• Sculpture Garden located in the Museum of Modern Art.
• Seagram Building in New York.
• The skyscraper is 550 Madison Avenue.

Portrait of Zaha Hadid

First woman to win the Pritzker Prize

The Iraqi architect and designer, Zaha Hadid, is considered the first woman to win this award, as she was able to win the title of the award in 2004 AD. And the Royal Gold Medal. The following are the most important works presented by Zaha Hadid:
• Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.
• The administrative building of the BMW plant in Germany.
• Pheno Science Centre.
• Pavilion Bridge in Zaragoza, Spain.
• China Opera House.

At the end of our article, we will have been introduced to the Pritzker Prize , its first winner, and the first woman who was able to win her title.

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