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It has become important to get acquainted with the most important projects of Saudi Arabia 2023 , as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is working on many prominent projects at the structural and urban levels, which are reliable in providing a different perspective on sustainable buildings, and among the most prominent of these projects is the NEOM project , which is considered as the great dream of what It is presented from a different environmental and construction concept, so in our article we will talk about the most important projects of Saudi Arabia 2023 , specifically about the NEOM project.


What is the NEOM project? Where is it located?

The NEOM project is known as one of the most important projects in Saudi Arabia 2023. It was launched by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2017. It is a plan for a smart city located inTabuk in the northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , specifically on the Red Sea coast . The project also includes plans for multiple areas, including tourist resorts and an industrial complex in the middle of the water, in addition to an international trade center, all of which are scheduled to be supported by renewable energy sources.

As the NEOM project is not only limited to the place, but is considered as an intellectual orientation and a pattern of new lifestyles, and for this reason the design and construction of the project, in addition to its management, are all based on a new method that does not depend on the old methodologies used in establishing the infrastructure for the environment and the economy, which stands An obstacle to the progress of many countries around the world, at a time when the NEOM project is one of the most important construction projects in Saudi Arabia emanating from Vision 2030 , through which the Kingdom is seeking to transform the Kingdom into one of the leading global models in all aspects of life, and this is by focusing permanently To bring in “value chains” within the project in various industrial and technical fields.

NEOM project goals

There are many goals that are being pursued in the NEOM project , which is one of the most important projects in Saudi Arabia 2023 , as it presents a new concept in construction, environment, entrepreneurship, and others. Below we review the most important goals of the project in detail:

  • Developing and diversifying the sources of the economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and making it at the forefront of the leading countries in the world at the level of development and development as well.
  • To be a global destination and a suitable place to live and work at the same time, to become the future place for more than a million people of different nationalities around the world, as the NEOM project adopts a culture based on diversity and exploration.
  • The most important projects of Saudi Arabia 2023 seeks to present a different and new model for the concept of urban sustainability, while developing community health standards in an innovative way, paying attention to protecting the environment and using technologies in an ideal, effective and productive manner.
  • Building many different communities that include research centers, sports facilities, recreational and tourist places, which are designed to be in harmony with human needs, and the project places living in health and well-being at the forefront of its priorities.

A satellite image of a square of the Neom project in the desert

When will the NEOM project end?

The NEOM project includes three important cities: The Line, Oxagon, and Trogina. Also, each of them will be completed at a different time from the other, and with NEOM entering the construction and implementation phase in the last period, the first destinations will be opened by the end of the year 2023 AD , and the implementation stages will take place at different time periods, for example: Oxagon will receive the first A batch of residents in 2024 , while Trogina will embody an ideal mountain destination for business, living and tourism by the year 2026 AD , while The Line City , the first developmental groups in it will be opened in 2026 AD , and by the year 2030 AD, it is expected that the number of residents will reach the project NEOM , which is the most prominent and important project in Saudi Arabia 2023 , will reach about one million people, and the population is expected to reach 9 million during the year 2045 AD.

Publicity material suggests “inexhaustible energy” will be provided by a sea of solar panels


What will present the most important construction projects in Saudi Arabia – the NEOM project?

The NEOM project presents a different model in terms of the environment, sustainable urbanization and entrepreneurship, and this is what makes it always mentioned as the most important projects in Saudi Arabia 2023. Below we review the most important features that the project will provide:

  • Providing 380,000 job opportunities.
  • Contribute to the Kingdom’s GDP by 180 billion riyals by 2030.
  • 100% reliance on renewable energy in the project.
  • It will constitute 13% of the global trade turnover.
  • 170 km of innovative urban development represented in The Line community.

At the end of our article, we have got to know the most important projects of Saudi Arabia 2023 – the NEOM project , and we have reviewed the project’s goals and features.

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