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The Line project is considered one of the most important projects in Saudi Arabia 2023, as it presents a new concept of sustainability in the Arab region in particular and the world in general, and relies on it to create an urban revolution that places people as a priority, and gives them a different and unprecedented urban experience in a safe and stable environment, as expected for this project To present a different vision of future cities, so in our article we will talk about The Line project, which is one of the most important construction projects in Saudi Arabia.


What is the line?

The Line project is known as a smart city built in a linear way , and it is under construction today in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within the NEOM project, where the project is located in Tabuk Governorate, and The Line was designed to be a city free of cars, streets, and any carbon emissions, at the time it reaches The city is 170 kilometers long , 200 meters wide , and 500 meters above sea level. This city is an essential part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

is scheduled to create about 460,000 jobs , and adds about $48 billion to the gross domestic product of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to that $500 billion has been allocated for the development of the project in NEOM, and it is expected that the population of The Line project will reach 9 million.Nesma , and the Kingdom began excavation work for the project by October 2022.

The Line (February 2023) © Giles Pendleton

The Line project features

The many advantages enjoyed by The Line, which is considered one of the most important construction projects in Saudi Arabia, made it top the list when talking about sustainable projects around the world, and below we review the most important features of the project:

  • High-quality life: The Line project allows individuals to experience unparalleled experiences on the social and economic level, especially since the city will be completely healthy in light of its being free from traffic accidents and air pollutants, which will make the residents ready to live a longer, more enjoyable and healthier life in it.
  • Business growth and prosperity: This is in light of the project’s complete focus on people and not on technology, as happens in traditional cities, which will provide an integrated human experience full of new business opportunities.
  • The ideal solution for urban life: The absence of the most important projects of Saudi Arabia 2023 – The Line from pollution and car exhausts, and the absence of waiting times in it, will give the individuals who live in it a wide scope for entertainment, and the absence of insurance, fuel and parking expenses will save individuals and increase their income .
  • Innovating the future: The advanced technologies that will be used in the project in modular construction and providing logistical services will make “The Line” a successful and effective project, in which humans will live in communities in complete harmony with nature, especially with the presence of vertical design and abundant gardens, in addition to Vast green spaces, which will be close to all project residents.

The Line (February 2023) © Giles Pendleton


Sustainability in The Line project

There are many aspects that infer the sustainability of The Line project, which is one of the most important projects in Saudi Arabia 2023. The following are the most important of these aspects:

  • Zero carbon emissions: the city will be free of streets and roads.
  • Dependence on renewable energy: It is scheduled to supply the city of The Line with renewable energy completely 100%.
  • Natural Reserve: 95% of the NEOM project area will be a natural reserve that will not be touched.
  • The ideal infrastructure: which is designed to serve people, and this is the opposite of what happens in traditional cities.


Architectural inspiration in The Line project

There are many inspiring hidden aspects in the The Line project, which served as the inspiration for this project, which is considered one of the most important projects in Saudi Arabia 2023, as it constitutes a mixture between the architectural fantasies that were in the industrial age. Going back in history, we find that the idea of the linear city dates back to the year 1882 AD, when Conceived by the Spanish planner, Arturo Soria, he implemented part of the idea in a neighborhood of Madrid but did not move forward with it due to insufficient support.

In addition, the fifties of the last century witnessed the proposal of the French architect, Yona Friedman, for the integrated spatial city as a solution to the problem of urban expansion, but her idea did not see the light until The Line project came, this unique project that came to put the final touch on the inspiring and important architectural ideas.

At the end of our article, we have got to know the most important projects in Saudi Arabia 2023 – The Line project, and we talked about its most important features and sustainability.

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