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Sustainable buildings for a more future almost never stops Greenery in recent decades. This is due to the many benefits that can be obtained environmentally and healthily when relying on these buildings, as they always work to reduce the effects of construction and their use on the surrounding environment. The idea of sustainability in itself opens the way for future generations to enjoy a healthier life, so we will In our article we talk about sustainable buildings for a greener future.


What are sustainable buildings?

Sustainable buildings are those buildings in which environmentally conscious engineering design techniques are relied upon, as these buildings are designed in a manner that takes into account and respects the environment and takes into account that energy consumption, other resources and materials used in construction are reduced, while minimizing the impacts of construction and its uses on the environment. surrounding, regulating its homogeneity with the nature around it.

In general, sustainable architecture constantly seeks to reduce the negative effects of buildings by enhancing the efficiency of energy and materials used in construction, so that the idea of green buildings is based on giving future generations better opportunities to live in a greener and healthier environment, as sustainability contributes to preserving natural resources for its continuity and access to future generations.

What are the characteristics of green (sustainable) buildings?

There is a wide range of characteristics that distinguish green (sustainable) buildings from other buildings, and despite the abundance and breadth of these characteristics, there has always been an increasing demand for sustainability when designing and building facilities in the world, and below we review the most important characteristics and advantages of sustainable buildings:

  • Green buildings result in higher air quality, better views, and more natural and intense light.
  • They combat noise, making buildings a better place to live and work.
  • Contributes to protecting the balance in the environment, and improving those environments that may have been previously damaged.
  • These buildings are being constructed in environmentally sensitive areas, and measures are being taken to restore vegetation.
  •  Maximum use of materials through superior design and removal of materials that are not needed in the finishing phase.
  •  Its contribution to rationalizing the use of materials and working on recycling.
  •  Energy efficient in design, through optimal selection of windows and good insulation in order to retain heat.
  • Reliance on clean energy for cooling and heating.


The most important green architecture buildings in the world

There are many buildings around the world, which are considered an outstanding example of sustainable buildings that play a prominent role in making the future greener, and the following are the most important of these buildings:

  • Bosco Vertical Towers

Bosco Vericale is known as a distinct and unique residential complex located in the center of Milan, Italy. This complex consists of two main towers, the first at a height of 80 meters and the second at a height of 100 meters, and they are home to thousands of trees and perennial plants, and the green area in them is about 30 thousand square meters.

Bosco Verticale in Milan

  •   Shanghai Tower

This tower is located in the city of Shanghai in the Republic of China, and it is considered one of the tallest buildings around the world, and it was built based on sustainable technologies in order to make it environmentally friendly, and in order to reduce the use of energy in the building, at a time when the geometric height of the tower reaches about 632 meters meter.

Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China.

  •  Torre Reforma Tower

The Torre Reforma Tower in Mexico is a clear example of sustainable buildings for a greener future, as it is considered one of the greenest buildings in Latin America by saving about 30% of annual water consumption, by relying on technologies that enable water recycling.

 Torre Reforma Tower, Mexico City, Mexico  |  Photographs: Alfonso Merchand

The most important sustainable buildings in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

When talking about sustainable buildings in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is necessary to mention Vision 2030, which establishes a more sustainable society through a group of green projects, at a time when the Kingdom ranked third in the world in terms of the number of green buildings in it, and we review the following the most important buildings designed according to Modern sustainable standards in Saudi Arabia:

  • King Salman Energy City buildings.
  • Red Sea project buildings .
  • King Abdullah University of Science and Technology buildings.
  • Princess Noura bint Abdul Rahman University buildings.

King Salman Energy City buildings, Saudi Arabia.

At the conclusion of our article, we have learned about the importance of sustainable buildings for a healthier future, and we have reviewed important information about these buildings.

We at ACUD always adopt the latest engineering methods in sustainable construction, in our desire to reach a more sustainable society.

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